While all these words mean "superior to all others in influence or importance," dominant applies to something that is uppermost because ruling or controlling. a dominant social class When is paramount a more appropriate choice than dominant?


What are some characteristics of the Saturn dominant personality in astrology? A Saturn dominant birth chart suggests a serious, reliable, diligent person. You have a strong will and you are willing to work hard for what you want. A Saturn dominant personality is able to deal with a lot of hardships.

more important, strong, or noticeable than anything else of the same type: 2. A dominant gene…. Learn more. Dominant definition, ruling, governing, or controlling; having or exerting authority or influence: dominant in the chain of command. See more.

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Synonyms & Antonyms of dominant. coming before all others in importance. the dominant authority on the English language. DOMINANT Meaning: "to rule, dominate, to govern," from dominus "lord, master," from domus "house" (from PIE root *dem-… See definitions of dominant. v.

(familjeägt) 1. Om ett bolag inte har en dominant ägare i form av en  Dominant tolkning (preferred reading):mottagaren tolkar texten inom den ramen för den gynnande innebörden (preferred meaning) (Ekström  In Vaidya's ayurveda test are not just checking your birth-dominating element, mind, which means that you don't have any symptoms or diseases at present,  allowed the Europeans to dominate the world, it also allowed for the Industrial Revolution This is the British English definition of the Industrial Revolution.

Define dominated. dominated synonyms, dominated pronunciation, dominated translation, English dictionary definition of dominated. v. dom·i·nat·ed , dom·i·nat·ing , dom·i·nates v. tr. 1.

Домина́нта (от лат. dominans «господствующий») — термин, используемый в разных предметных областях: Доминанта в музыке — главенствующая  Dominance, in genetics, greater influence by one of a pair of alleles that affect the same inherited character.

Dominant meaning

Word, Dominate. Swedish Meaning, dominera, behärska, styra, härska,. be larger in number, quantity, or importance; Money reigns supreme here; Hispanics 


Relating to the trait expressed by such a gene. See more at inheritance. A dominant gene is one that always produces a particular characteristic in a person, plant, or animal: The gene for brown eyes is dominant. Relating to the form of a gene that expresses a trait, such as hair color, in an individual organism. The dominant form of a gene suppresses the counterpart, or recessive, form located on the other of a pair of chromosomes. See more at inheritance.
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Dominant meaning

dominant character. dominerande  Dominant - Swedish translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, pronunciation, transcription, antonyms, examples. English - Swedish Translator.

Synonyms & Antonyms of dominant. coming before all others in importance.
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av L Marx · 2008 · Citerat av 60 — When this meaning is in play, the word tacitly imputes an idealist or essentialist From his idealist perspective, the dominant American idea of nature – nature 

26 Mar 2021 According to an increasingly dominant definition, the answer is yes, Neve Gordon and Mark LeVine argue. In incomplete dominance, a mixture of the alleles in the genotype is seen in the a allele is dominant over the o el eel in this example this means that the same  People can identify as dominant, submissive, or switch (which means that they are sometimes dominant and sometimes submissive). It might be that people stick  dominant/ˈdɒmɪnənt/. 1.

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Some alleles are dominant, meaning they ultimately determ Most of the time, the term “dominant eye” is used when describing the normal visual condition where the two eyes function well as a team and have relatively equal visual acuity, and one eye is simply the "leading" or preferred eye.